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Understanding PR and Ethics

Understanding PR and Ethics When it comes to perception, public relations doesn’t always have the best reputation in the eyes of the public. Many people equate PR with “spin” and playing with the truth. Even the Institute for Public Relations points out that...

Public Relations and Teamwork

Public Relations and Teamwork How teamwork, in-house and out, helps strengthen PR Lately the phrase “We’re in this together” and similar slogans seem to be everywhere. When things get tough, people tend to band together. But, teamwork isn’t just for tough times. When...

2021 Public Relations Trends

2021 Public Relations Trends As 2020 (finally) winds down, it’s time to look ahead to the coming year. At Nichols PR, that means looking for 2021 public relations trends. To get started, we weigh information from well-known industry experts, marketing forecasters and...

Why Does Social Listening and News Monitoring Matter?

Why Does Social Listening and News Monitoring Matter? If you read our blogs, you know we are big proponents of using social media for public relations. Another side of social media that is important for PR is social listening. Social listening and news monitoring...

5 Ways to Get Your News Headline Noticed

5 Ways to Get Your News Headline Noticed In a society where every organization is fighting to get noticed, the most common question we get as a PR agency is “How do I get a news reporter’s attention?” In public relations, maintaining a strong relationship with...

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