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Step-by-Step to Getting on the News

Step-by-Step to Getting on the News It’s that time of year again! Spring and summer are the seasons for fresh starts, and with the global pandemic coming to a (hopeful) end with the administering of vaccines it’s time to take another look at your messaging and...

2021 PR Lessons from COVID-19

2021 PR Lessons from COVID-19 In March 2020, the United States declared the coronavirus a national emergency. Soon enough, other countries across the world followed suit and went into full-scale lockdown. With all the changes that the world has undergone in a year,...

How to Use PR to Tackle Disinformation

How to Use PR to Tackle Disinformation It’s nothing new. The threat of misinformation and disinformation has made the headlines the last few years. And although false propaganda has been around for centuries, if not longer, it has become an even more substantial...

Understanding PR and Ethics

Understanding PR and Ethics When it comes to perception, public relations doesn’t always have the best reputation in the eyes of the public. Many people equate PR with “spin” and playing with the truth. Even the Institute for Public Relations points out that...

Public Relations and Teamwork

Public Relations and Teamwork How teamwork, in-house and out, helps strengthen PR Lately the phrase “We’re in this together” and similar slogans seem to be everywhere. When things get tough, people tend to band together. But, teamwork isn’t just for tough times. When...

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