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How PR Enhances Branding Efforts

Public Relations Whether building a brand from scratch or reinvigorating a company’s legacy, public relations plays a substantial role in how potential customers perceive your products and services. Public relations is beneficial to both startup and rebranding...

How to use Social Media for Public Relations

Public Relations Social media has become a tool for nearly everything a business does. It can serve as a platform for advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, and more. But did you know social media arguably stands tallest when used for public relations? Here...

PR Crisis: How to Make a Plan Before You Need it

Public Relations The risk of a PR crisis has increased dramatically since the adoption of social media for brand marketing. Customer complaints once saved for private phone calls or water cooler chats now exist permanently on the Internet for all to see. Because of...

5 Tips to Ensure Your Business Growth Makes the News

Public Relations Business growth offers a tremendous opportunity for earned media in your local news market. When local businesses, manufacturers, nonprofits, or hospitals expand their workforces, local economies benefit and communities improve. These stories are...

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