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Public Relations Guide to Goals, Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics

Public Relations Guide to Goals, Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics There is much more to PR than writing press releases, sponsoring events, and leaving phone messages with reporters. A ton of planning needs to be done before any copy is written or phone numbers are...

5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn For PR Success

5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn For PR Success Are you actively using LinkedIn for PR? You should be. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok are the social marketing platforms marketers talk most about, they may not be the best social media platforms...

DO IT LIVE! 6 Reasons LIVE Streaming on Social Media Is a PR Must

content Live streaming is extremely popular, and it continues to grow every day. By 2016, it was already a $30-billion industry. By 2021, live streaming content is projected to more than double, becoming a $70-billion industry. And it makes sense. People spend triple...

How Sponsored Events Lead to PR Wins for Local Companies

sponsorships Sponsored events are a great way for local businesses to develop strong relationships in their communities. By partnering with local organizations, schools, and sports teams, businesses make themselves visible and set themselves apart from the...

5 Essentials For Effective Focus Groups

Public Relations While it may seem like an old technique, focus groups are still effective for gauging public relations successes and failures. But, focus groups aren’t as simple as sitting in a room with strangers and asking questions. To maximize your chance of...

How PR Enhances Branding Efforts

Public Relations Whether building a brand from scratch or reinvigorating a company’s legacy, public relations plays a substantial role in how potential customers perceive your products and services. Public relations is beneficial to both startup and rebranding...

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